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Benefits of Adimen

Development of high impact strategic ideas and opportunities for your company.

Adimen favors the creation of best ideas and business opportunities

Living ideas

The ideas generated by your team are not forgotten. Adimen strengthens the collaborative culture by keeping alive the ideas produced in the organization

Consistent processes

Innovation can be messy and chaotic; consistent processes make it easier to channel the efforts of idea generation and its management.

Global vision, detailed vision

Adimen allows connecting related ideas to create better synergies and opportunities, providing a global vision of the process as well as a focused look at each idea.

Systematic collection

to avoid ideas that are not aligned with the real strategic needs of the company.

Homogeneous structure of ideas

The personalized templates of ideas facilitate the correct treatment of these, as well as avoiding wasting time.

Avoid silos

Functional, department, geographic, and external support silos make fluid and collaborative work difficult. The best ideas arise when people can collaborate across boundaries and barriers.


Adimen is for all types of organizations; from the small business to the large corporation, as it adapts to the needs and budgets of each of them.

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Adimen streamlines

the creation of better ideas and business opportunities
Sustainable and consistent ideation methods.
Development of innovation communities to enrich portfolios of ideas.
Efforts aligned with the market, technology and corporate growth strategies.
Less time needed to convert ideas into projects.
Small ideas that turn into transformative business breakthroughs.
Free-flowing collaboration with clients, suppliers, partners and other external sources in an open innovation process.